King Hall Galley

Role: Construction Management - Flooring
Project Type: Public, Government
Location: US Naval Academy (Annapolis, Maryland)
Completion: August 2011

King Hall Galley, a $40.9 million firm-fixed price project, is a design-build construction contract for a complete renovation to include revised food preparation processes and equipment. A temporary food service facilities will be provided while the galleys undergoes renovations. Unlike most universities, the Naval Academy feeds all of their 4,500+ students at once during all three meals daily. Built in 1909 to accommodate 1,800 midshipmen, King Hall grew with the size of the brigade. In the 1950s, it was expanded to its present size.“This renovation has been a priority for Academy leadership and the King Hall team who are dedicated to high standards of food service,” said Capt. Matthew Klunder, Naval Academy Commandant of Midshipmen. “The current facility and preparation infrastructure is dated and becoming increasingly more difficult to maintain and operate. This new facility will give us a modern and more efficient galley that will serve the Brigade of Midshipmen for decades to come.”

Originally constructed in 1952 and last renovated in the mid-1990s, the King Hall galley is now set to undergo extensive renovations that will include infrastructure improvements and equipment upgrades to enhance the academy’s ability to provide the best possible product to the Brigade of Midshipmen. In addition, many of the new features will provide great cost and energy savings for the academy. Renovation of King Hall will bring structural and aesthetic features to a level commensurate with the highest Naval standards, and will include design features that will showcase the USNA with the history and traditions of Navy wardroom dining. Renovations will also improve the morale and quality of life of midshipmen and improve the USNA’s ability to attract top midshipmen candidates. In addition, it will serve as a showcase for visitors and distinguished guests from around the world.

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