Missle Defense Agency

Role: Construction Management - Flooring; Post Construction Cleaning and Misc Purchases
Project Type: Public, Government, BRAC
Completion: October 2011

The new Missile Defense Agency Headquarters building, which will cost $38.5 million to design and construct, is a 99,000 sq ft, multi-story, highly secure headquarters office facility.

About 300 federal employees are expected to work in the building and it will relocate 292 executive leadership positions from other facilities in the National Capital Region to the north end of Fort Belvoir’s Parade Ground adjacent to the installation’s Historic District.

The new administrative facility will be a three story, brick-veneered structure with a full basement, 231 parking spaces, and a small retail/food concession. The HQCC facility will be the focal point for leading the thousands of employees dedicated to achieving the MDA mission.

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