Department of Health & Mental Hygiene Lab Mock Up

Role: General Contractor
Project Type: Medical/Healthcare
Location: Baltimore, MD

The DHMH Mock Up project design included construction of a full scale mock-up (4,800 square feet) of a section of the laboratory, which includes a typical office, corridor and open lab. The basis of design was used for design details, materials and casework for the mock-up. The actual casework that is to be used in the full scale project was incorporated in this work. Construction of the mock up gave DHMH scientist a tangible view and feel for the designed lab and office space.

The goal was to use the mock-up process to refine the design, especially as it pertains to repetitive elements that spanned the entire DHMH project. As the general contractor, Legacy configured the scope of work to ensure that the mock-up was in budget and provided the scientist that feel and use of the material to be used in the full scale project.

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